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Teleconsultation is only for Follow-up patients and by Appointment only
Book an appointment with Dr. Alan Teh (Teleconsultation) using SetMore

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Instructions will be emailed after you book an appointment. 

Teleconsultation with SJMC Telehealthplus

If you prefer, you can also schedule a Teleconsultation appointment with me using SJMC’s Telehealthplus

Visit the Telehealthplus Booking page, click the Make an appointment button in the section under my name


Clinic Times:

Monday: 0900-1300

Tuesday: 0900-12:30

Wednesday: 0900-1300

Thursday: 1400-1800

Friday: 0900-1300

How to make regular clinic appointments:

Appointment Line: +603 56391212

Appointment via SJMC Website
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