Appointments :

Appointment line: +603 5639 1212
Clinic DL (clinic hours only): +603 5629 1324
Appointment via RSD Website

General Contacts

Email: [email protected]
Telegram messenger (web/mobile)
Whatsapp messenger (mobile only)
Email, Telegram messenger or Whatsapp are strictly not meant for medical advice, consultation or emergencies.
These are meant only for general queries and correspondence.
To contact Dr Teh on medical matters please use the Telemedicine option listed below

Hospital Contact Numbers :

Fax: +603 5639 1209
Mainline: +603 5639 1212
Clinic DL (clinic hours only): +603 5629 1324


Telemedicine is available for registered patients. If you have not registered, please do so.

Teleconsultation options:

Teleconsultation is by appointment only . Currently special rates apply for follow-up patients (till further notice).
If used by me to inform you of pending blood results or if I need to contact you for some reason, such scheduled appointments are free.

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Snail mail address:

Room 320 Outpatient Centre
Subang Jaya Medical Centre
1 Jalan SS 12/1 A
47500 Subang Jaya

Medical Reports

Please note I cannot issue these to you via email. You have to contact Medical Records at level 2, Outpatient Centre, Subang Jaya Medical Centre. You may email them [email protected] for more information on the process